Master’s Degree (MSc) in Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Level: Master *
Starting year: 2012
Current CAPES Mark of the course: 3
Ato normativo: Homologado pelo CNE (Portaria MEC nº 609 de 14/03/2019)
Publicado no DOU em 18/03/2019, seç. 1, p. 92.
Parecer nº 487/2018
Number of credits for academic degree in disciplines: 24
Number of credits for academic degree from the dissertation ending: 0
Number of credits for academic degree others: 0
Admission period: Yearly
Admission Vacancies: 4 (2017/1), 4 (2017/1)

Target audience:

The MSc in biochemistry and pharmacology aims to advance scientific and technological studies which will allow professionals to find solutions for local and national community problems. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences or related areas.

The Postgraduate Program in Biochemistry and Pharmacology comprises four lines of research, one of which must be chosen upon admission:

● Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology
Study of biochemical and molecular bases of behavior with emphasis on neurotransmission and neuromodulation mechanisms.

● Cellular Pharmacology
Study of cellular effects related to immunological treatments, therapy with growing factors as well as the study of pain, inflammation and fever mechanisms with emphasis on drug development.

● Biochemistry of macromolecules
Study of the structures and function of macromolecules with emphasis on proteins biochemistry, immunochemistry and clinical and molecular diagnosis.

● Neuropharmacology
Study of neurochemical basis of therapeutic and toxic actions of drugs in the central nervous system.

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